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Facebook Marketing

How to prevent getting banned from Facebook

“Why is my ad rejected?”, “Why is my ad account banned?”... Here’s how you can prevent encountering these issues.

"Why is my ad rejected?"

"Why is my ad account banned?"

Here's how you can prevent encountering these issues.

Facebook Advertising

Facebook is a great platform to promote your business. With over 2 billion users, you'll be able to reach and connect with thousands of potential customers through comment engagement, message inquiries, and various online content. 

If you haven't checked it out yet, we wrote about the many advantages of Facebook Paid Advertising and why you should invest in it on our blog.  

Since Facebook has many users, it is very prone for other people to take advantage and abuse the platform with misinformation, violence, scams, and many other forms of content that are not safe for younger audiences. 

To combat this, Facebook created Community Standards to ensure everyone's voice is valued. These guidelines create a safe space for everyone to express their opinions.

Facebook Community Standards

The Community Standards are set for everyone and different content types. They may also vary differently depending on your location. There is a list of various topics that would trigger Facebook to reject your ad or ban your account, so you need at least an overview of what sets the triggers. 

It is worth noting that the Community Standards are created based on feedback from different audiences and experts or professionals in technology, public safety, and human rights.

When Facebook limits expression, they consider four values:

  • AUTHENTICITY: Content shared across the platform is represented correctly and can explain who they are and what they are doing.
  • SAFETY - Content that could contribute to a risk of harm to the physical security of people will get removed from the platform. Content that promotes threats to people is not allowed.
  • PRIVACY:  This is one of the users' most common concerns. On Facebook, users can adjust their privacy settings according to their preferences. Ads or posts that promote phishing are not allowed.
  • DIGNITY: People using the platform should respect the dignity of others and not harass or degrade them.

These are just the top values for reference. There is a whole list of topics that triggers Facebook's review team. 

 Detecting Violations

Facebook's technology detects and removes content that violates its community standards before anyone else reports it. A group of experts updates this from time to time to improve accuracy.

With over 15,000 reviewers in 50 different languages worldwide, these experts manually review content once someone files an appeal. They consider possible factors that have triggered their technology. 

Restricting & Disabling Accounts 

When you put out content that violates Facebook's community guidelines, this will result in account restriction, disabling the use of advertising features. 

For most violations, if the user continues to go against the community standards despite a repetitive amount of warnings, Meta will disable your account.

When GGMS starts to handle your account and installs the campaigns for you, we take care of any rejected ads we install and troubleshoot any issues your account will encounter.

If your Ad Account gets disabled, we will reach out to Facebook on your behalf and work on getting it reinstated. Disabled ad accounts are a common problem, but a manual appeal should fix it.

The only time our team won't be able to troubleshoot the issue is if the Business Manager is banned from advertising. Facebook does not permit us to do it on our end, so you will be responsible for filing an appeal. We will, however, reach out to you and offer assistance when this happens. 

For Business Manager troubleshooting guidelines, you may also reach out to Facebook support via this website: Meta Business Support.

Screen Shot 2022-07-14 at 10.19.35 PM

The bottom line...

It is important to fully grasp Facebook's Community Standards to avoid getting banned and restricted from any Facebook Advertising features. You can check their complete list of topics that are not allowed here.

As long as you follow the guidelines, there should be no reason to encounter any issue when running ads and posting content.

Kristina Lim

Kristina Lim

Team Leader, Facebook/Instagram Marketing

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