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Kristina Lim 6/20/22 12:00 PM 1 min read

Why You Should Advertise on Facebook

Does organic posting still work? RARELY! Here’s why you should start spending on Facebook Advertising.

Why Facebook?

The truth is, everyone is on their computers, and we spend more time looking at our phones than actually talking in person. The pandemic has dramatically contributed to this change, forcing the majority, including businesses, to resort to Zoom calls, Google Meets, FaceTime, and utilizing social media platforms like Facebook in the best way possible.

Digital attention is at an all-time high, and with Facebook’s 2.93 billion active users, advertising your business online shouldn’t even be a question. 

Benefits of Facebook Advertising

The answer is simple. Facebook Ads are integrated into different social media platforms. It promotes your content beyond the Facebook Feed. And with a budget as low as a dollar a day, you’ll reach more of your target audience, turn them into prospect leads, and retarget them in future campaigns. 

It’s an effective way to drive traffic, is highly customizable, and can easily reach your potential market. And most importantly, it provides real results.

GGMS Facebook/Instagram Video Remarketing Campaign

We’ve built an entire process and system to help your business capture, nurture, and convert leads into transactions.

The dynamic Facebook/Instagram video re-targeting is a key strategy in the lead nurturing process. We install short 15-second video ads to drive traffic back to the landing pages on your website and retarget your database and website visitors within the last 90 days. This strategy allows you to showcase your business with less effort and at a lower cost.

With our Video Remarketing Campaign, you’ll also have the opportunity to personalize the videos so you can be in front of the camera and engage with your market from a more personal standpoint.

The bottom line...

There is a world of endless possibilities for your business on Facebook. You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars to reach them, only proven and tested strategies. The best part? You don’t have to navigate the social media waters on your own. 

That’s where GGMS comes in.


Kristina Lim

Team Leader, Facebook/Instagram Marketing