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What metrics matter in Facebook Video Retargeting?

Do you ever open up your Facebook business manager and look at your reporting and just think, “What does this mean”?

What metrics matter in Facebook Retargeting?

Do you ever open up your Facebook Business Manager, look at your reporting, and just think, “What does this mean”? This article aims to help answer this common question that others have.

For example, you can think of your Facebook retargeting campaigns as a channel. We will say this channel is ESPN. Each ad listed is a different sport. You have baseball games, football, tennis, badminton, etc.

Keeping with the sports example, the metrics you are looking at are your audience’s ratings'. With each ad, you will notice different results, which can often tell you a story of what your audience is more interested in at that point in time (buyer or seller heavy).


The first metric that we like to point out is the reach. Reach, by definition, is the number of people who saw your ads at least once. Reach is different from impressions, which may include multiple views of your ads by the same people.

Reach translates to how many individual people have seen your ad(s). Looking at the total number of reach is nice, but you also want to look at which ads are getting the most views. This can help tell the story of what your audience is consuming!

Cost Per Result (CPR)

The next metric is the cost per result (CPR). This is the average cost per result from your ads based on your selected date range. Daily fluctuations are normal for CPR.

It is a better metric to look at CPR over a more extended period so that you get a good idea of what the average is. We typically see these ads costing pennies.

For video campaigns, if you ever notice it get close to a dollar, it may be worth looking to see what is causing it to be so high.

Video Plays

Video plays are one of our favorite metrics to point out. You will notice that the table will show video plays for 25%, 50%, 75%, 95%, and 100%.

As it goes from 25% to 100%, you can watch that the amount of video plays decreases. This is normal, especially in this day and age of low attention spans.

Here is an example: there were 25,000 video plays at 25% and only 9,000 at 100%. If you re-film your ads, that is 25,000 times that you were seen just 25% of the video, but more importantly, 9,000 times, someone watched you all the way through the video.

We recommend refilming the ads so that you are the one people notice at the grocery store!

Link Clicks

The final metric that we recommend looking at is link clicks. Link clicks are the number of clicks on links within the ad that led to advertiser-specified destinations, on or off Facebook.

These are the bottom-of-the-funnel opportunities. These are the people watching your ad, clicking on the link, and potentially filling out the forms on your website.

In Closing…

Facebook retargeting metrics can be valuable to your business and your branding. By taking a closer look at your metrics, you can develop ideas on how to better engage with your audience.

Matt Owens

Matt Owens

Team Leader, Account Management & Support

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