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Arjay Natividad 6/18/22 2:01 PM 1 min read

GGMS Assist maintains your database for $125/wk

What is GGMS Assist?

GGMS Assist is an administrative assistant that deals with the low-level tasks inside your database. These tasks include:

1. Managing and answering inbound responses in your database

An overwhelming number of texts and emails are received in your inbox daily. Instead of using valuable time managing these messages, GGMS Assist will take care of it so you can focus on higher-level tasks and appointments.

The proper management of these messages will also aid you in filtering out who’s window shopping, not interested, and which leads are motivated to buy or sell.

2. Completing engagement tasks in your task manager

Aside from your inbox, GGMS Assist also oversees your task manager. The task manager contains a few different types of tasks. These include the following: 

  • Suggest Properties: leads who viewed more than 5 properties 
  • Property Inquiries: leads asking for more information and leads requesting to see a property
  • Form Submission: leads who filled out a personalized home search form

3. Managing errors and inconsistencies in your database

In automated systems, errors and inconsistencies are inevitable. GGMS Assist’s goal is to keep an eye out for these errors and ensure that your system remains in tip-top shape.

Every lead in your database will be managed in detail, ensuring they have the correct status, action plans, tags, and all the good juices that come with having the GGMS follow-up system.

The bottom line...

GGMS Assist can help manage your database for only $125/wk; it's a no-brainer! Leads deserve time and attention, especially in the early stages of their home buying process. With the help of GGMS Assist, the low-level daily tasks produced by these leads will be taken care of. This leaves more time and energy for the realtors to focus on the bigger picture.


Arjay Natividad

Team Leader, Inbox Management