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Matt Owens2 min read

Tips for Reviving Cold Leads and Boosting Your Sales

Are your cold leads dragging down your sales? Learn how to reengage with inactive prospects and turn them into paying customers with these tried-and-true techniques. From mass emails and texts to smart filters, we have all the tools you need to revive your cold leads and drive success. Don't let these opportunities slip away - start boosting your sales today!

Cold Leads take up space!

Most databases have significant portions that consist of inactive or unresponsive leads. You may want to try the tips and techniques described in this article to reengage with these leads and gather more information on their needs. 

How do I find the right Cold Leads to speak to?

The Cold/Qualify Engagement filter can be accessed via the Leads Dashboard within your Sierra database. This filter includes leads in 'qualify' status, have no pending tasks, are not on a contact delay, and have not received a call, text, or email in the past 30 days (for calls and texts) or seven days (for emails). Utilizing this filter can provide an opportunity to reach out to these leads. 

How do I engage with the Cold Leads?

One way to engage with leads from this filter is to send a mass text or email. To do so, select the desired number of leads, click the Bulk Actions button, and choose "Send Text Message." You can then select a template from the 100 section, which includes Cold/Qualify text and email templates. Review the message before sending it and leave the website link unchanged. After the message is sent, these leads will be removed from the filter until they meet the criteria again.

What can I expect after sending out mass communication to these leads?

Following a mass communication, you may see an increase in website visits (which can be tracked through the "Visited Today" filter) and inbox responses. You may also receive form submissions. It is important to note that while you may receive some positive responses (e.g., "hand-raisers"), you may also receive requests to stop communication ("stop texting me" messages). This can be a helpful way to identify which leads are no longer interested in your products or services.

To summarize, engaging with the Cold/Qualify filter can help you efficiently communicate with inactive leads and make more time for phone calls with leads in the "New" and "Warm" status filters. To see a step-by-step guide, you can use this link.




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Matt Owens

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