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Josh Jankowski8/4/22 12:00 PM3 min read

The Secret To Calling New Internet Leads

When calling new leads, you should be making an introduction and setting the first impression, not looking for an appointment!

Pre-call prep

Understand the math: 90% of the people you call will not be ready for an appointment. Stop focusing on the meeting; it will come as the call progresses if they are interested. Starting by offering assistance and information will help you bring the person on the other side of the call closer to you.

Look over the lead's profile.

What is the source? How long ago did they register? What was sent to them by text so far? What properties have they looked at for buyers? Look up and check their property for sellers and always ensure their contact information is correct and up to date.

Tell them why you are calling. 

"Hello, Bob. This is agent name with domain.com, the Real Estate website you just recently registered on. I'm giving you a call today to introduce myself, explain how our site works, and offer you the help I can. Tell me a little about what you are trying to do, and then we can take it from there."

The opening statement may differ for leads asking about information or trying to schedule a showing. In those cases, you ask if they want to see it, but you also need to get them on a search for similar homes. Chances are they will not get the home they came in asking about, so getting them on a search is key!

Make the first impression.

You have one chance to do this, do not force the appointment! Simply begin the relationship-building process here.

Offer assistance.

Be the guide. You can help them in many ways. Let them tell you how you can help!


They will tell you what they want if you ask!

Connect the dots.

Let them know you have an entire team to help them, even if they are just looking!

The Property List

 Tell them they are currently getting a very general list of properties covering the entire area and all price ranges. Offer to adjust it for them! All leads, especially sellers, need a list of properties to look at.

Market Report

Offer a market report for the area their home is in, along with one for the place they are considering purchasing. The more they have from you, the more they see you as a person of value.


Tell them about the emails you are sending and how we want them to stay up to date with what's going on using our website! Let them know they can share them with anybody they know who might benefit from them.

The Ads

Explain to them that they might see you on Facebook and Instagram. Share how you have a marketing team that ensures homes you list for sale are seen. Inform them how informative ads are, allowing buyers and sellers to stay updated with the overall buying or selling process in today's market.

Set expectations.

Be clear and convey that you are available for anything real estate related.

Ask them to save your number.

Let them know that you want them to be able to tell who it is that's sending them things or calling them.

"I want to separate myself and our system from the other agents you might come in contact with!" 

Post-call, give them what they asked for.

Make a list right now and send it. Follow the formula every time. The manual flowcharts track and document what you learned on the call and tell you what you should do! It's not a guessing game.

The bottom line...

You have one chance to make a first impression. Often, it is the only thing they will use to determine if you're worthy of being a part of their next real estate transaction. Make it count!


Josh Jankowski

Co-Founder, VP of Sales and Support