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Josh Jankowski3 min read

Sierra Seller Lead Trap: Finding Sellers in your Database

build a seller lead generation funnel

A great way to generate Seller leads from within your Sierra Interactive database is to offer a Free Market Analysis to find leads curious enough to either ask for the valuation by filling out a form. With this GGMS sales funnel, you will discover those leads, but you will also find leads that were curious enough to click the link you sent them even if they did not fill out the form.

HubSpot Video

Vimeo Video URL: https://vimeo.com/531326857

Text Message to send your leads:

Copy and paste exactly as it is to send in bulk. You cannot use merge fields like this to send to one lead at a time. 

Hey {lead_first_name}, it's {agent_first_name} with {office_name}. The real estate market has had some amazing gains over the past few years. 

Would you like your home's new value based on your area's recent activity?

Use the link to provide me with details about what makes your property unique, or simply respond with the property address.


Creating the Trap (Sales Funnel) 

Everything you need to find Seller Leads in your Sierra Interactive Database is available. Follow the instructions in the video and the steps listed below to learn how to build a Seller Leads Funnel that converts using the existing tools in Sierra Interactive.

Every Sierra website has a Free Market Analysis Page in the Seller Section of content pages. We are going to use that page as the trap. We will modify the page a little bit, and here is how we do that.

  1. Create a Tag for "Home Valuation Form Filled out"
  2. Add the tag to the form on that page. This will require you to remove the structure first, then add the Free Market Analysis form to the page with the new tag.
  3. Adding a video to the top of the page to increase engagement.
  4. Set the page to open in the same window, not a new window.
  5. Create an automation that uses the tag we created as the trigger. Create a call task.
  6. Create another automation that uses the site visit as the trigger to catch those curious but not committed enough to fill out the form. For this, you will have to create the task: "Call leads that returned to the site after x number of days"
  7. Create a Smart filter to find the leads that filled out the form.
  8. Use the text message to deliver the link to leads with cell phones.
  9. Use an email template to provide the link by email. If you want to get creative, you can make an action plan to deliver the link. 

How do I get the agent involved?  

The most critical step is getting the agent notified of this newfound opportunity. Leads that are interested enough in the topic of "Free Home Valuations" will click the link. We call this partial lead capture.

We are capturing the lead's curiosity in the topic by monitoring the site visit created by the click. If they are interested enough to click it, they might be willing to pick up the phone if we call them. 

The leads that fill out the form are even more interested in the topic and need a call as fast as you can get to them.

You will never convert anything without the participation of the agent assigned. You must make these calls promptly, or you will have missed the opportunity. 

Who do I send this to?

  1. Start with an advanced search for leads with a street address present
  2. Past clients/SOI that you have not been talking with
  3. Any lead that previously said they bought or sold a home with another agent  
  4. Depending on how well you have been using the status definitions and tag, you should be able to find a group of leads to send these links to systematically.

The bottom line...

There are seller leads in every Sierra CRM right now. To find them, you must get creative and use strategies like the ones shown in the video/listed above.

For insights on how GGMS implements these strategies at a large scale for all our clients, click the button below to schedule a call.

We look forward to helping you grow your business. 



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Josh Jankowski

Co-Founder, VP of Sales and Support