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Arjay Natividad 8/3/22 12:30 PM 1 min read

How Do You Manage Your GGMS Leads?

How do you manage your GGMS Leads? Here are a few things to consider.

1. Lead Status

The lead status is a defining factor of how the system will treat the lead. GGMS Automations will rely on this to determine which traditional or fully-automated action plan will be applied.

So far, we have 11 lead statuses: New, Qualify, Active, Prime, Pending, Archived, Watch, Closed, Junk, Do Not Contact, and Blocked.

To know more about the lead status definitions, please click here.

2. Lead Tags

There are many tags to explore in your GGMS CRM, but what we want you to focus on are your GGMS Tags. Some of these GGMS tags are fully automated. For example, suppose you apply one of the Automatic Flowchart tags. In that case, it will update the lead status, apply a fully automated action plan, and automatically send a contact template to your lead. 

Aside from these automated tags, there are multiple tags you can use to identify the lead better and what process it has been in. You will better understand the story of the lead by using these tags. 

3. Contact Templates

These are preloaded templates you can take advantage of in the CRM. GGMS Contact Templates are enumerated by a 3-digit number between 000 to 413 for texts and 000 to 712 for emails. By those numbers, you can tell that there’s a vast selection to engage with for your leads. 



 Real estate teams and companies need a CRM that’s easy to use a system that doesn’t leave any stones unturned. At GGMS, that’s exactly what we provide! 


Arjay Natividad

Team Leader, Inbox Management