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Corinne Borgner 6/16/22 12:38 PM 1 min read

GGMS Support: We have your back!

You’re stuck. You’re confused. So many questions are swirling in your head! You need support. Here are reasons why reaching out is important.

1. Gain insight

We have all contacted a support thread/group/chat at one point or another.

  • You have questions that need answering.
  • You need insight or advice on how best to do the thing or ALL the things!
  • You need that second set of eyes.

Don’t hesitate to reach out. Getting your questions answered or understanding something better to help you succeed is what we’re here for.

2. Resolve an issue

  • See a misspelled word in an action plan?
  • Can’t log in to the membership area of GGMS?
  • Does something not look right within your account?

Reaching out to support@ggms.com will help you get things resolved fast. We want you to feel comfortable emailing us anytime you think something’s wrong. Not only does it help you, but it helps us and others like you that might need the same guidance.

3. You’re busy

You have clients that need your attention, appointments, meeting, and houses to show! You are busy! We know this. Leverage us to help you by reaching out so we can get to work on the matter. Once we receive your email, rest assured that we’re working hard to save you time.

The bottom line...

Do you need support? Yes! Even if it’s as simple as needing to know how to change your password, update your card on file, or give feedback.

Feel confident knowing you have a support team to help you make the most of your GGMS services. Not only do we focus on finding the answer, but we also want you to be happy and satisfied! 


Corinne Borgner

Team Leader, Onboarding