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Finding Your Seller Leads Using Sierra's Tools

Do you need a bunch of third-party services to use Sierra Interactive?


Sierra Interactive provides all the tools you need to find seller leads. GGMS just makes it all work together! 

Sierra Interactive provides you with all the tools to hunt for seller leads in your CRM. All you have to do is make it happen. GGMS provides a service that uses everything sierra offers.

If you are not currently using GGMS as an add-on service, several ways exist to get more out of your Sierra system and maximize its potential for your real estate business. Here, I will guide you through utilizing the tools provided by Sierra Interactive to find seller leads within your existing database.

Utilize seller-focused landing pages: Inside your Sierra site, you already have access to seller-focused landing pages such as Adding Value, What's Your Home Worth, Marketing Your Home, Pricing Your Home, Showing Your Home, and Selling Your Home. Each page has a unique URL, allowing you to send leads in your database the link via email or text, bringing them back to these pages.

Modify landing pages: To engage your leads further, consider modifying these pages by adding forms and tags. These tags can be connected to automations that notify you when a lead fills out a form on a specific page. You can also include a video discussing the essential aspects of adding value to a property before selling it, which leads to value.

Set up automations: Automations in Sierra Interactive trigger when specific actions occur, such as a lead filling out a form on a landing page. By connecting these automations to tags and priority task filters or any filter you prefer, you'll be notified when potential seller leads to engage with your content.

Monitor and track lead behavior: Building a list of potential seller leads requires monitoring behavioral tracking. By monitoring leads that show interest in the content you send them, you can create a list of potential sellers among your contacts.

Leverage action plans: Use action plans to create a structured follow-up process with your leads. By implementing tasks and activities to engage potential sellers, you can maintain their interest and increase their likelihood of becoming clients.


The bottom line…

Even without the GGMS add-on service, you can still maximize the use of Sierra Interactive's assets to find seller leads within your existing lead list. By utilizing landing pages, automations, tags, forms, and action plans, you can offer value to your leads, maintain their engagement with your content, and ultimately identify potential sellers within your contacts.

With consistent effort and attention to detail, you can transform your Sierra Interactive system into a powerful tool for nurturing and converting leads, helping you grow your real estate business and reach new heights of success.



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Josh Jankowski

Josh Jankowski

Co-Founder, VP of Sales and Support

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