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Bring pond leads to life before your agents make the call!

Here’s what you can do to bring Pond leads to life using a few key strategies from GGMS.

GGMS Instantly provides Efficiencies in your Real Estate Practice

The whole point of a CRM is efficiency. The goal is to utilize technology to save your agents’ time. Our version of this uses all available technology to sift correctly and sort leads to identify who needs an agent’s attention now.

“I had a bunch of leads sitting in a database that I was not converting because I didn't know how to and wasn't following up appropriately. Through those 2,000 leads, there were older leads that we started nurturing with the GGMS system. Between July and late October, we converted and closed 17 deals directly attributed to the follow-up program from GGMS.”

- Kim Ziebell, GGMS Client

What Are The Pain Points of Lead Conversion?

Lead conversion is the most challenging aspect of running a real estate brokerage. To develop a program that helps your business convert leads, you must begin by addressing your Pain Points. These Pain Points are the main challenges faced by real estate companies. 

Convert your leads by tackling your pain:

  • Organization and structure in communication and workflows

  • Time management: Getting the most out of the time available using technology.

  • Accountability: Nothing works if you aren't accountable for the right things.

  • Follow Up and Lead Nurture; Using technology to tee up the agents at the right time

  • Lead Generation: You always need new, quality contacts.

  • Implementation of all of the recommended best practices. Stop paying for advice and start making money.

Your fully integrated GGMS Marketing system addresses each of these pain points. With the same set of leads, your team will make better use of their time, set more appointments, and take more listings!

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Josh Jankowski

Josh Jankowski

Co-Founder, VP of Sales and Support

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