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Michael J. Gallagher2/12/22 10:18 AM1 min read

3 Reasons SendGrid is a MUST for Sierra Interactive users!


Do I really need to get SendGrid? The answer is YES! This article covers the top 3 reasons SendGrid is a MUST for Sierra Interactive users.

SendGrid is a Mass Email Service

You most likely already have a GSuite or Outlook account that you use for your daily "transactional" back and forth emails. These types of email services are not built for nurturing leads with drip campaigns or action plans. They also have daily send limits which, if not respected, will lock you out of your email account. However, for $90/mo you are able to send up to 100,000 emails/mo with SendGrid. Using SendGrid will ensure that your day-to-day business email reputation stays high and deliverability is not damaged.

SendGrid Deliverability is Higher

SendGrid is built for mass email communication and clients are seeing extremely higher deliverability and open rates. The Pro 100K plan from SendGrid includes a dedicated IP address and keeps your email reputation from being damaged by another sender on the network's habits.

GGMS Nurture Campaigns

We use email campaigns to nurture your unresponsive leads and push them back to your website using auto-login links so that the "site visit" is tracked inside Sierra Interactive's CRM. Email sends are way more cost-effective than text messaging, especially to the bottom part of your database that is unresponsive. One (1) email send costs 0.0009 using SendGrid, one (1) text sends costs 0.015 in Sierra Interactive.

The bottom line...

SendGrid is a MUST for Sierra Interactive users. For $90/mo, you are able to send up to 100,000 emails/mo. It's a no-brainer.


Michael J. Gallagher

CEO, Founder of GGMS